10 000! I am completely speechless!

I’ve decided to arrange a giveaway. I am giving away t-shirts from my collection! Unfortunately I couldn’t fit them all into one single post so CHECK OUT THE REST OF THEM HERE. 

I’m not quite sure how many t-shirts I am going to give away yet - but it will at least be one, and maybe more (depending on how many reblogs this thing gets). I may even add new t-shirts. The winner(s) get to pick the t-shirt(s) they want! 


  • Only reblogs counts 
  • Please have an open ask box so I can contact you. 
  • No reblog limit (but think about your followers - no one likes spam) 

Add a comment if you wish! (It’s a pleasure reading them!) 

The giveaway will end July 1st.

EDIT: I am getting a lot of questions about the giveaway, so I’ve made a FAQ under the ‘read more’.  

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